Sneak Peek | February Open House

In one week, it will be here. The next monthly open house. I swear that the months go by faster and faster and faster. I feel like over the past year, I’ve been getting a better feel for what needs to happen before, during and after the open houses.

This month,  it is the first time that I don’t feel completely and totally unprepared. Could I do more? Yep. Have I done enough? Yep. Is there room for improvement? Probably.

As I am making and gathering and finding and organizing, here are are a few sneak peek pictures . . .

This reinvented bookshelf/shoe organizer/hallway cabinet is still hanging around. Not that it makes me sad, because I get to enjoy it for a little bit.

I know I said I wasn’t doing a lot for Valentine’s Day, but love is seasonless. Lots of new signs for the Family + Love Collection.

I have a variety of these canvas banner signs, too.

Feeling the love for the love themed pillows added to the shop for the next open house.

Mugs . . .

And, I am pretty sure you saw the post about the candles. We got those, too.

Stay tuned. More signs and furniture will be popping up on social media all week! Mark your calendars- February 2-4. We are open each day 10:00-5:00. You can find us at 12 S. Main Street, Shrewsbury PA.

Lots of Love,

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