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Hello everyone.

This holiday season at the shop has been beyond my expectations. Although lots and lots has sold at the shop over the past month, there are still lots and lots treasures to your decorating and gift giving.  I am such a FAN of good gift ideas . . .

Let’s start with how much I love decorating the shop. It is amazing how just a few greens can turn anything into a Christmas decoration. Like the bike. I purchased this to be a shop decoration (one of my “not for sale” items in the shop) but so many people loved it, I found the wholesaler. Look how cute it is with a few greens.

The three most popular items I sell in the shop are the candles (a different blog post on them). Even though I just introduced them in September, they are one of the my top selling items in the shop for the year. But my two other big sellers, are  my signs (all kinds of signs) and mugs (all kinds of mugs).

I have a few favorite that my creative team (aka vendors) contribute to the shop. I love the seasonal pallet items, the macrame Christmas balls and bookmarks and keychains, the photography prints and cards (of local scenes), the scarves and pinecone wreath, the handcrafted giftcards and tags, the gnomes . . . the list goes on and on.

I had a friend/customer who reached out to me to create some personal signs for her small gift giving needs and she wanted some candles, too. She reached out to me earlier in November. This weekend, I wrapped everything up per her request and she picked everything up at the shop this weekend.

And, a few of my other favorite things include the cork coasters (the perfect hostess gift) and the pillows (everyday and holiday.) And, the make up bag (maybe with a little gift card in it for your favorite teen girl). Or, what about these really cool tree ornaments?

So, it would be an insanely long blog post if I listed everything in the shop . . . because I love everything. I hope you see something you like that helps you with your gift giving and maybe decorating needs, too.

Lots of Love,


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  1. I stopped into the shop on the small business Saturday and fell in love with all the great gift ideas. Looking forward to the open house on the 15th!

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