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Who is going to join me for the One Word Project this year? You may be asking, what is the One Word Project? Well, instead of making a lofty list of New Years resolutions, you pick one word to be your focus, your mantra, your theme for the year. One word, one year.  Then, you do all things that relate to that word.

In the past, my words have been balance, let it go (I know it is a phrase and in retrospect it probably should have been forgive), breathe and create. Lots of people have different ideas about the best way to pick your word. In the past, I know right away what my word should be, but then I have had a few years where I wasn’t sure what it should be but I just kind of felt it. So, it may be corny to some but I just listened to my inner voice. Some words that are common:

balance, bliss, breathe, better, create, calm, disciplined, devout, enough, faith, forgive, focus, grow, grace, grateful (gratitude), hope, happy, inspire, listen, laugh, organize, present, simplify, stronger, soulful . . .

You can pick a small phrase, but part of the reason for picking one word, it is simple and it is not overwhelming. One of the reasons new years resolutions fail is because they are over-complicated. This isn’t to say that you don’t have goals that apply to your word, but one word is inspiring. It is the first step. It is uncomplicated.

The word that I picked . . . and I am not sure why is embrace.

I’ll be sharing with you a little bit every month about my journey to embrace. My hope is that I can inspire you, but also keep myself on track and focused. I have found when I focus and put more effort into my word, the reward is much greater. My life is a little bit better than before and I am maybe a little bit better as person. Right now, I am not really sure how I will approach my word for the year, but I am ready to embrace it.

What will your word be for the year?

Lots of Love,

2 thoughts on “One Word Project | What is it?

  1. Love this! You are always so inspiring…on so many levels. I think my word will go between Grow & Stretch (one is more organic and the other seems a forced intention). Great post! xo

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