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Hello friends,

I’ve been talking about my One Word Project for a couple weeks now, and I’ve had a handful of you that have jumped on board. So, I thought maybe we could create a little group that supports each other. Just a little group within The White House on the Square Facebook page and Instagram.  Apparently, I can create a group on my Facebook page (this will totally be a learning curve for me to figure out) and I picked the hashtag #onewordwithwhitney2018 for Instagram.

Again, my word is EMBRACE. One of the first things I do when I pick my word is to define it. The definition of EMBRACE-

To enthusiastically accept or welcome something (or someone.)

Once I read the definition, I realized that often in the past year or so, I see so many things as a chore, and I don’t want to live my life like it were a chore. To have more enthusiasm for my life (all aspects of it) is what I want to do.

In this FB group, I will share the little things I am doing to live my word. You’ll be holding me accountable and inspiring me. Let’s be honest, we all get by with a little help from our friends. I’ll check in with you, and I’ll let you know what things I am doing to live my word, and I hope you’ll share and comment from time to time on what you are doing to live your word.

Since sharing my intent to do the One Word project again this year, my friends from SoulShine Boutique and I have been talking.  They have a company that does hand-stamped jewelry. A company that specializing in the one word movement. The company is called I’ll be ordering one of the pieces from SoulShine to have a visual reminder to EMBRACE the moment (or the person, the situation, the day, the week, the season . . .)

This past weekend, one customer came into the shop and purchased a mug for her One Word. Her word was FOCUS. You could use your mug to drink from every day or maybe a bouquet a freshly sharpened pencils can find a home in your mug (I stole that little line from one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail.)

If you still haven’t picked your word, and you’d like some help to find one, check out their website-

They have a section that helps guide you to pick a meaningful word for you.

Okay, so right now, I am going to create this group, please join me. With so many negatives in the world, isn’t it nice to be part of something uplifting + positive + fun?

Lots of Love,


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