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Let me start this by saying, I take partial responsibility for this predicament.

I asked my husband a week ago, “Are you doing anything for the people at work for Christmas? Do you need my help?” Of course, he responds, “That would be great.” So I ask him for a list. And, then I ask a couple days later for the list again. Then, I ask again. Yesterday, he sends me a list. With no ideas or directions. Then, I realize I don’t have enough time to think too much about it, nor can I order anything. Even Amazon and Zappos can’t help me out this time.

Oh, what am I going to do? I prefer not to work under this kind of pressure. But then, I decide to do a “Bucket of Cheer” for the men.

We all know the saying good things come in small packages . . .

I put a bow on the bucket, but then I changed my mind. I got the buckets from Home Depot. The shred I use as packaging for my photography clients, but you could make your own shred with some scrap paper or tissue and your shredder (if you have one which most people do these days) or you can get it any craft store.

Since I had multiple buckets to make for my husband, I purchased the miniature bottles in their cases. The people at the store were more than happy to get the for me, because the alternative was to take all their bottles off the displays.

Because I love a good pun, the notes says “Cheers . . . thanks for a great year.”

I did a little something for the ladies on his list. I’ll share that one, too.

So, I am annoyed with my husband. Not because I had to do his gifts (and I did not have to do it), but because I was rushed and he did not give me his list sooner. I vow right here and now that I will start asking him earlier . . . like 4th of July weekend.  But, even though I was rushed, I am still pretty happy with the my end result.  What do you think?

Lots of Love,


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