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Life is all about balance. Right? It is funny to me that it is such an effort to find balance. It is a discipline.

I love photography and I love my families that I photograph, but what I have learned is that if I only photograph families, I tend to get mechanical. I have discovered that if I can mix in some personal photography projects with my families, I am more inspired and I enjoy everything so much more.  This is why I have learned to schedule in time for me, to do something that isn’t for my family, something that isn’t on must do list.

My most recent personal project . . . or “me” time. Visiting a friend and her cows. I love cows. I don’t know why. I just do. I think they are so cute.

For some reason, I have become obsessed with the details. I feel like they just help tell the story. I tend to make a little more effort to get details in my family sessions, too.

It is funny to me that the whole reason why I was excited to visit the cows was because of this little girl. Even though she is a cutie, I actually found myself drawn to some of the other cows.

I love how the Fall colors seem to be the perfect backdrop for my little “session” with my cows. The colors of the cows just seem to compliment the little pops of Fall foliage.

The bonus of such a project. I might use one or more of these pictures to help add a little bit of something to the shop.

I hope that your weekend includes a little personal project, a little “me” time . Something that adds balance to your life . . . maybe even schedule it.

Lots of Love,

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